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Guarantee of Service

With dot-com companies failing on a daily basis, you have to be careful to whom you can trust your online business. You can pay a company a fortune to have them develop your website only to find out a week later that the company has gone bankrupt.

We at Ready-Set-Web are aware of the difficulties of doing business online and are sympathetic to the concerns of our customers. A major worry our customers have voiced is that the nature of our business requires stability. Our main service is that we rent complete websites. So what happens to the person renting from us a website if we happen to go out of business? They could loose their source of income and hundreds of customers. This is a legitimate concern.

For this reason, we are ready to make a bold guarantee to our users. If, for any reason, Ready-Set-Web is to be closed down, the service to all existing users of the website is guaranteed to continue for a period of 2 full years from the time the website is shut down. During this period, no new customers will be acquired, but existing websites will continue running as before. We can make this guarantee because we have set aside enough emergency funds to keep our servers running with necessary support for this period.

This said, you can rest assured though that we have no intention of going out of business or closing down Ready-Set-Web, which has been a profitable since the first month it went public.

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