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Daycare Provider

by Jennifer Young

Approximately three years ago my husband transferred to a new job in a new town. We needed the second income that I could potentially bring in, but, like many other moms out there, I couldn't bear to send my children to an unknown to care for them throughout the day. My children at the time were 6, 3 and a new born. Fortunately, we moved into a house directly across the street from a grade school. I decided to use that to my advantage. I contacted the school and had them post in their newsletter that I would be able to watch children after school in my home.

My hopes were to watch around three kids until 5:30 in the evening when my husband returned from work. I received numerous calls that very week. I quickly surpassed the three that I hoped for. I then decided to apply for a childcare license. The process was virtually simple and the start up costs included only a small fee to the state and the cost of a fire extinguisher which we really needed anyway.

To make a long story short, the after school job has turned into a full time job with five children in my care on a full time basis. Now with only my youngest son at home, I'm able to be with him all the time, plus he has a lot of playmates. I make $375.00 per week. Which for a small town in Kansas is pretty darn good money. The tax benefits are outstanding. We've received a tax refund every year because of this business. There are so many deductions available.

I highly recommend this business as it can be catered to your specific and individual needs. If you are considering this business I recommend that you first contact other daycare providers in your area to determine your rates. Go through your calendars and determine what days of the year that you do not want to work. Inform parents of this from the start. I personally inform all of my parents to always have a backup sitter as my family is my priority and if they need me, I'll be unable to work on those days. I offer a good enough service and treat each child well enough that I have a waiting list. I do not work four weeks out of the year. It is absolutely ideal. If you love children, this is definitely for you. There are tons of books available through public libraries on ways to start and run your business. There is even software available for the computer buffs out there. good luck.

Jennifer Young email me at dony@southwind.net

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