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Start Your Home Tutoring Business

by Kim Clapp

Just about every busy mom has thought about starting a business form home to add to the family income. However, many work-from-home opportunities just don't "pan out". I should know, I've tried many of them myself! The one that worked for me is home tutoring, and it could work for you, too!

There is a BIG demand for tutors; parents are willing to get extra help for a struggling child. Just look at all of the big learning centers out there-they're swamped with business. Most of these places charge around $35 per hour, and put three students to one teacher. Many parents just can't afford this, and would be happy to pay you around $20 per hour to work one-to-one with their child. (I've heard in some areas, such as the SF Bay area, tutors can make $50 per hour.)

Don't worry if you're not a teacher or don't have a college degree because those are not required in order to tutor. Instead, a sincere desire to help children succeed and a positive attitude are the most important credentials you'll need to be a great tutor.

A tutoring business costs very little to start, and it's a steady source of income, even in the summertime. I recommend not spending any money on anything except the basics to start until you have an idea with what ages and subjects you'll be working. Then, concentrate on using inexpensive or free items whenever possible to keep your costs down.

To start out, you need to get supplies and information sheets together, set your hours and fees, decide what subjects and ages you feel comfortable working with, advertise, prepare for phone interviews with parents, offer free consultations, schedule students, and plan your sessions. Before long, you'll be in business!

I love my work and the children I'm able to help. Maybe tutoring is the key to a fun and rewarding source of income for you, too!


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