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The Power of Clicks

Why have your website in good positions in the search engines?
For traffic (clicks)! The more clicks the more power to you!

If you are a business owner and/or a professional, it is a prestige to have a website your clients can visit for information about your business or use as a guide for local advertisement and marketing methods. Once you have a website why not use it as a primary or another option of marketing source? Your website can be the key to enter a huge market in your local area, state, and/or the whole country. It is simply for your website to be in good positions in the search engines.

Let us say you are a Personal Trainer with a website in a city with 200,000 population; you might spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on local advertisements (such as: the local paper and yellow pages) to have 30 to 40 potential customers a day calling you or stopping by your office. When having a website with proper listings in the search engines you may get anywhere between 40 to 300 (in a short period of time) unique visitors a day to your website generated from the search engines from people in your local area searching the Internet for a Personal Trainer. Needless to say, you may have already lost business to other personal trainers with Internet search engine placements and exposure. Each website visitor is the same as a store or office walk in: a potential customer or client
You also can get hundreds and even thousands of visitors nation wide and possibly world wide. As a Personal Trainer, when this happens, it is also possible to make thousands of dollars more by selling your favorite health products once you achieve a high number of traffic to your website.

Your small business can generate thousands of dollars more in sales simply by having a website that is well placed in the search engines listings and rankings and deciding to expand such a business to ship to customers outside your local area.

The Internet Market is amazingly strong and increasing everyday. Start now and be in a better position today and a great position in the near future.

No matter what business you have or profession you are in, once you have sufficient traffic to your website you may make money by simply allowing others to advertise on your website. You will be amazed how much other businesses pay for exposure. Think of it as how do newspapers make money and why?

Also, you are not restricted to local advertisers. Billions of dollars are spent each year by Internet based companies on pay per clicks (you get paid for each click they get to their website from your website) and Affiliate programs (you get paid a percentage when people sign up and pay). Such marketing programs today are the top methods of advertisement on the Internet. Example: Date.com. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see ‘Affiliate’. It is very simple. You register. You get a link from them (with a tracking number so they would know the traffic is from your website). You copy and paste the link under your Links Page on your website. Some Links are banners and others are simple text or picture. Then their banner appears on your website for your visitors to click on if they are interested. Click here to learn how to make extra income from your website.

If you have a website other than a business or profession it is great thing to refer your friends, family, people of same interest, and anyone else you choose to your site. Your website can be fun, a hobby and a method to state your opinion or information across to others. No matter what your website is in most cases it will help you interact, meet, and possibly learn from or teach others of same interests. The interaction with others is mostly generated by your contact page (Email) and your guest book.

Having your website in the search engines is very important because it will increase the traffic to your website. The more traffic you have the more interaction you get. But, did you know you can also make money once you have traffic on your website?

Let us say you have a Home Cooking website. Your first visitors are people that you refer them to your website. Then you can be in the search engines. With proper exposure in the search engines and the popularity of your recipes and articles will generate word by mouth traffic and will double your traffic in a short period of time (a person in some city finds your website through the search engines and likes one of your recipes, he/she tells her/his friend about your website and so on. This applies to all websites. Click here to learn how to make extra income from your website.

Once you have traffic to your website the ways you can make money from it is endless. Traffic is power! Click here to promote your Ready-Set-Web website for free and increase your traffic.


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