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A Unique and Inexpensive Gift Idea

Are you looking for a unique and inexpensive gift idea for your grandchild, son or daughter, parent, spouse, sibling, relative, or friend? Is it a Christmas gift, birthday gift, valentine gift, or anniversary gift?

This time, why not give them a totally original gift: a website that is designed to meet their profession, interest, talent, or hobby. Maybe an e-business website that earns them an extra income from the web?

We offer complete and ready-to-use websites in more than 60 categories. They are for kids, teenagers, professionals, entrepreneurs, home makers, sports enthusiasts, and more. The websites are completely built and maintained for us, so they require no work or experience.

Here are just a few examples of what you can give:

  • A dentist website to help promote your practice on the Internet
  • A cooking website for your mother where she can share her recipes with others
  • A fishing website for your Dad where he can write his fishing stories for visitors to enjoy
  • A Barbie Doll Fan Club website for your daughter where she can list her Barbie collection to the envy of all her girl friends
  • A freelance writer e-business website for your friend who always wanted to be a writer. Might as well try to make an income out of it writing articles for websites on the Internet
  • A party-planner webite for your sister who works as a party-planner where she can advertise her service to the residents of your area
  • A Barney the Dinosaur Fan Club website for your grandson

The gift can be bought quickly and easily online using our secure online payment system. You select the category of the website gift you want. You will be issued a website ownership certificate that can be printed instantly. If you do not have a printer, the certificate will be emailed to you. The certificate is elegantly designed and can be presented to the recipient as a gift. It contains an activation code and instructions on how to activate and administer their new website.

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