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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Would someone really need a website?


Simply put, the answer is YES, otherwise why are there millions of websites out there? And why do businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars building and maintaining their websites?

There are many advantages to having a website some of which are:

  • Make money from an e-business website
  • Make money through web advertisement
  • Publish your ideas and writings
  • Provide a good multimedia entertainment experience
  • Advertise your business with an online brochure
  • Provide information to your customers and other visitors
  • Education for kids where they can learn to be creative

There are two main problems with having your own websites:

  • The cost of setting it up and running it
  • The experience needed to create a website

Ready-Set-Web has the solution for you. We provide ready made websites for rent at incredibly low prices (less than $10/month). The website is all built and fully functional, so you do not need any experience building it or running it. We even take care of maintenance and upgrades for free! And the prices at which we offer those website are unbeatable. Finally, anybody can have their own website!

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Would someone really need a website?
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