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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What is a ready-made website? Is it just web hosting?


Here at Ready-Set-Web we have a totally different approach to building websites. We do not wait for a customer to come and ask for a custom-made website. Instead, we take the initiative and design various websites that serve different professions and customers. We write ALL THE CONTENT of the website and make it complete so that the person acquiring the website does not have to do any work, and will have a completely running website right away.

The difference between us and the hosting plans available from thousands of service providers is obvious. With them, you have to build the website yourself. You have to design it, create the graphics, do the programming, and write the content. Some service providers offer you graphic templates to work with, but that is just 10% of the work. None of the hosting companies will provide you with the content for your website. We, on the other hand, take care of ALL OF THAT. You have a complete and running website, INCLUDING ALL THE CONTENT from the first minute.

Ready-Set-Web's websites are built for one purpose: to allow anybody to have his/her own website, regardless of their technical knowledge or skills. That is why we take care of EVERY aspect of the website, so that the owner of the website does not have to worry about any issues related to the website.

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