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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What is the benefit of website promotion?


Having a website is a big step towards being visible to millions of people on the Internet. However, you still need to let all those people know that you exist. It is just like having a phone number. You need to give your phone number to people and list it in the telephone directory before people start calling. Website promotion is a similar procedure for your website.

Your goal with website promotion is to get as many people as possible to visit your website. After all, that is the purpose of your website: to have people visit it and read its content. This way, they can learn about your services, business, your hobbies, your interests, or just about you, depending on the type of website you have. Visitors will translate into customers, fans of your work, or people interested in your ideas. The more visitors you have, the more customers and fans you will have.

We at Ready-Set-Web know the importance of website promotion and are well-experienced at it. In fact, we have people working full time in this department. Because we are very much interested in the success of your business, we will promote the websites of all Ready-Set-Web customers for free. It is our way of saying "Thank You" for selecting our services. Please click here to submit your website for free promotion.




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